Sharkbate is Gear Wheel Marketing

Sharkbate is a simple, inspired, and collaborative way to reward customers. This one of the kind collaborative reward marketing model is called gear wheel marketing. 

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The Referral

Anyone can play to the role of inviting merchants to the platform and start distributing rewards for any collaborated merchants. 

Referral's efforts can be traced and rewarded with commissions allocated by the beneficial merchants through the Sharkbate platform.

The Merchant

As the owner of the business, Merchant gets to setup reward marketing effortlessly and starts issues and redeem gift/discount vouchers for customers.

Design a commission scheme into your rewards so that parties - referrals, influencers, and merchants get the benefits in distributing your rewards.

Merchants can partner up for cross-over promotion to create collective marketing affects. 

The Influencer

Sharkbate's platform can be utilized to empower deeper and highly engaged collaboration between merchants and influencers. Instead of one-off engagement for business promotion, merchants can pay commission continuously per marketing result.

Influencer enjoys the freedom of choice for collaborating merchants and promotes merchant's gift/voucher on influencer's social media channels as to how he/she see fits.

How it Works

Partnering up and sharing the sales opportunity with referrals, influencers, and among merchants create a collective, echoing effect on sales and diversify channels of opportunities.

Merchant A



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Merchant B

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Manage All in One Platform

Everything begins here at your platform. Upload your digital gifts, vouchers, products & services, and starts managing anytime & anywhere.

Customize & upload E-reward so everyone can see it

Upload Products & Services & sell online immediately

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Different. The power on your side.

We are still doing as how we remembering it. It's time to revamp the reward marketing with serving thru sharing. 

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Unlimited & let others distribute your digital rewards

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Make it precise, choose the right reward for your customers.

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All in one, more informative to your customers.

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Trace on rewards issue and redeem activities

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Instant Issue and Redeem.
No APP download for customers.

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Anywhere & Anytime rewards marketing

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